• 1、RFQ for SIS Biological Material


    1, What is the SIS biological mesh ?

    SIS tissue-repair patch is derived from the porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS), which is composed of an extracelluar matrix (ECM), widely used in soft tissue repair among the whole surgeries . 


    Ø General Surgery

    Ø Thoracic Surgery

    Ø Cardiology

    Ø Oral Cavity

    Ø Otology

    Ø Neurosurgery

    Ø Gynecology

    Ø Orthopedics

    Ø Stomatology

    Ø Urology etc.


    2, How long the degradation time of the SIS biological mesh ?

    After the SIS material being implanted into the body, the SIS material gradually merges with the surrounding connective tissue and slowly degrades. After 6 months, it is completely degraded and absorbed,so it is the best ideal mesh for the soft tissue repair .


    3, What is the indications for the SIS hernia mesh ?


    Used for implantation to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists. Indications for repair a hernia or body wall defect


    Abdominal hernia

    Incisional hernia

    Diaphragmatic hernia

    Hiatus hernia

    Inguinal hernia



    4, What is the advantages of the SIS biological mesh ?

    1. The natural non-crosslinking biologic graft technology-completely remodelled into strong, well-vascularised tissue.

    2. Anti-adhesion - suitable for all kinds of abdominal hernia repair

    3. Degrade and absorb completely, promote the tissue regeneration

    4. Retain a variety of active factors - FN content up to 43% - promote tissue regeneration and repair

    5. Immunogen removal technology---ɑ-GAL clearance rate 3.8 ng / mg and ensure the minimal DNA residue

    6. Anti-inflammatory

    7. High mechanical strength and durability

    8. Reduce surgery recurrence rate



    5, What is the difference between the SIS Biological mesh and the Synthetic mesh ?


    Advantages of synthetic materials , like PP polypropylene patch, price is cheap, good mechanical strength, it is an inert material without immune rejection.



    Infection: Since fibroblasts and inflammatory cells cannot enter the surface of the PP material and remain on the surface of the material, the result of the inflammatory reaction is to form a permanent fiber wrap. This fiber wrap is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the sputum patch of the synthetic material cannot be used in the infected area. Once the infection occurs, the patch should not be degraded, and the patch should be taken out by the second operation.


    Pain: One-third of patients with inguinal hernia treated with PPpatch have long-term pain and discomfort, and half of the pain is so severe that the patient is unable to function properly. This pain comes from the formation of scar tissue by fiber encapsulation and hyperplasia caused by chronic inflammatory reactions and their complications.


    Adhesion: PP material is easy to cause adhesion in the abdominal cavity, further causing complications such as small bowel obstruction and pain, PP patch can not be used for intraperitoneal implantation.


    Aging: PP material ages with time, the material becomes brittle, and the sharp brittle material causes tissue necrosis and formation of the fistula. When it causes necrosis of the small intestine, it will be life-threatening.


    Infertility: Inflammation of PP material can cause male vas deferens obstruction, resulting in infertility 

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