Glory Moment丨Biosis Healing protective products to enter the Daxing Party History Exhibition



The Daxing Party History Exhibition, which was officially opened to the public on July 1, attracted many respected visitors. The Daxing District Government and the Daxing District Propaganda Committee took several months to create a large-scale Daxing Party History Exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with the theme of "Looking Back a Hundred Years and Striving for New Daxing".


Through graphic explanations, physical presentations, audio-visual videos, restoration landscapes, and multimedia display and other means, the Daxing Party History Exhibition showcases Daxing development from standing up to making progress,, a leap-forward development from a traditional agricultural county to a harmonious, livable and business-friendly new Daxing, development history of forging ahead to achieve the vibrant "new country, new Daxing".


We are proud of the fact that in the "Special Exhibition Area for fighting against the COVID-2019 pandemic- defeat COVID-19" of the Daxing Party History Exhibition, Biosis Healing, as the fighting against the COVID-2019 pandemic model enterprise in Daxing District, five protective products entered the special exhibition area of fighting against the COVID-2019 pandemic, including medical surgical mask, medical protective mask,FFP2 protective mask, medical protective coverall, and novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) neutralizing antibody detection kit (Colloidal Gold Immune-Chromatography). These products will be exhibited together with Sinovac Vaccine and Lianhua Qingwen and other star products.


After the outbreak of the COVID-2019 pandemic in 2020, in the face of complex and difficult work situations, Daxing District has always adhered to the people first, life first, raced against time, and achieved significant results in the fighting against the COVID-2019 pandemic. In this fighting against the COVID-2019 pandemic, everyone was moved by the warriors. The medical staff go on an expedition, the scars of masks on face ,wringing protective coverall vividly interpret the loveliest people in the new era. Public security police, community workers, "Daxing Old Neighborhood", social volunteers and other laborers from all walks of life, regardless of day and night, cold winter and summer, they are on the front line of fighting against the COVID-2019 pandemic.

As a key medical device manufacturer in Daxing District, Biosis Healing actively switched to the production of protective materials under the severe situation of the shortage of pandemic prevention materials at the beginning of the pandemic, and shipped the first batch of protective materials to Hubei and other severely affected areas, and donated hundreds of thousands of pandemic prevention materials to frontline medical workers in hospitals, grassroots law enforcement personnel, public welfare foundations, frontline media reporters, etc. and help the nationwide pandemic prevention and control with practical actions, demonstrating the sense of responsibility, mission and great love of national medical device companies.

As the key product of Daxing District, Biosis Healing protective products entered the Daxing Party History Exhibition, which is our supreme glory, and we will also take this glory with the sense of responsibility, mission, and love of national medical device enterprises, stick to it!

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