The leaders of the company reiterated to the participants the determination and strength of strict prevention and control and joint fight against the


This morning, Biosis Heaing strengthening meeting on epidemic prevention was held in the large conference room on the third floor. Zhang Jinhui, senior vice president of Biosis Heaing, Lun Xinyi, HRVP of Biosis Healing, heads of various departments, epidemic prevention correspondents and employee representatives of various departments, a total of more than 40 people participated in the meeting online and offline. The meeting reiterated to the participants the determination and strength of strict prevention and control and joint fight against the epidemic around the current situation of frequent domestic epidemics and the complicated and severe prevention and control situation. Specific work arrangements for the current epidemic prevention situation were put forward on the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the host Lun Xinyi, HRVP, first introduced the latest epidemic situation in the country and Beijing, and conveyed the spirit of the two-level epidemic prevention and control work conferences in Beijing and Daxing District: The capital epidemic prevention and control must shoulder their responsibilities, guard strictly, tighten the fence, and implement prevention and control measures scientifically, accurately, and effectively.

Ms. Lun focused on reading the "Notice of Daxing District on Strictly implementing COVID-19 prevention and control" issued in response to the current epidemic prevention and control policy requirements to the participants, and required all employees to strictly abide by the contents of the "Notice", abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, comprehensively enhance prevention awareness, always do self-protection, earnestly perform health monitoring, proactively vaccinate the new crown vaccine, maintain a healthy attitude, reject rumors and spread rumors, and firmly cooperate with governments at all levels to win the epidemic prevention and control.

Then, in his speech, Mr. Zhang affirmed  epidemic prevention work by Biosis Healing since the outbreak of the 2020 epidemic, and made specific arrangements for future work.

Mr. Zhang pointed out: The prevention and control of the epidemic is of great importance to everyone's vital interests. The company attaches great importance to epidemic prevention work, and everyone has been doing very well. In the current grim situation, I hope everyone will not relax their vigilance and continue to strictly demand themselves. The company will also do a good job in daily disinfection and sterilization, regular temperature measurement of employees, inspection of visitors, and distribution of masks to colleagues on business trip to ensure everyone's safety. I hope that everyone will abide by the government's epidemic prevention and control regulations, obey the company's arrangements, strictly discipline themselves, and work with the country to fight for the full victory of the epidemic as soon as possible.

Finally, Ms. Lun reiterated the prevention and control requirements of Daxing District and solemnly appealed to:

In the face of the epidemic, we must not neglect prevention, no need to panic, and build a "security wall" for epidemic prevention and control together. Everyone works together, overcomes the difficulties together, fights the epidemic together, and contribute to the protection of our beautiful home!

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