Biosis Healing attend the 31st FIME Medical Expo


From July 27th to 29th, 2022, the 31st FIME Medical Expo was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida, USA. Medical equipment manufacturers from all over the world gathered here to participate in the grand event. Although our sales staff were unable to visit in person due to the epidemic, the products of Biosis Healing were not absent. The products were brought to the conference site by our distributor partners in the United States.


During the 3-day exhibition, experts and partners from more than ten countries, including the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Panama, Chile, and Uruguay, came to Biosis Healing exhibition stand to experience products, consult and negotiate. And we showed our heavy core products to visitors: Hernia Graft, Oral Matrix, Wound Matrix, Dural Repair Patch, Pericardial Patch, Protective Film , Vascular Repair Matrix and other products.

Our US-based distributor partners warmly welcome visitors and listen carefully to their needs. Because they can use multiple languages proficiently, there is no barrier to communication. The distributor patiently and detailedly introduced the advantages of Biosis Healing products, the current clinical application in China and many European countries, and the registration and approval in the United States.






Biosis Healing has always had a dream of "internationalization", that is, to promote the SIS products produced in China to the world. In May 2021, Biosis Healing signed a European order for inguinal hernia graft, announcing its official entry into the European market, and our products have successively entered Turkey, Greece and other countries for clinical use. Distributors in Italy and Switzerland are also actively conducting government tenders in their own countries.

The distributor of Biosis Healing in the United States once said: Through the preliminary clinical trial and the verification of tens of thousands of real clinical application effects in the Chinese market for more than three years, Biosis Healing SIS products have better clinical application effects compared with similar products in the United States, and more cost-effective, more advantages.

At the same time, we are also actively conducting the product registration approval of FDA, and gradually open up the US market. The registration information of 8 products had been submitted including: Oral Matrix, SIS Wound Matrix, SIS Staple Line Reinforcement, Hernia Graft, Cardiac Tissue Repair Patch, Pericardial Patch, Protect Envelope, and Vascular Repair Patch. It is expected that 3 products will pass the approval this year and enter the US market one after another.

In the future, Biosis Healing will continue to adhere to R&D and innovation as the core driving force to provide global partners with better medical products and services, with a view to benefiting patients around the world.

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