Liu Xueliang, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Daxing District, and other officials visited Biosis Healing


On September 7th, Liu Xueliang, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Daxing District, Cai Xiaojun, Deputy Mayor of Daxing District, visited Biosis Healing. Ma Yanzhu, Director of Daxing District Emerging Industry Promotion Service Center Industry Promotion Center, Li Ming, General Manager of Beijing Daxing Investment Group Co., Ltd., Shen Haicheng, Deputy General Manager of China Bio-medicine Park, Bai Yumei, Union president of China Bio-medicine Park, and other officials came to Biosis Healing for inspection and guidance. Zhao Bo, Chairman of Biosis Healing, Zhang Jinhui, General Manager, Lun Xinyi, Chief Talent Officer, Wang Huasheng, Chief Operating Officer, Yu Xueqiao, Chief Medical Officer, Wei Pengfei, Director of Technical Research, Zhao Yanrui, Director of Strategic Development department, accompanied the reception, and reported the current development of the company to the officials.

In the exhibition hall, Chairman Zhao Bo first introduced the product pipeline of Biosis Healing and the company's patent layout in the world to the visiting leaders. After knowing that the products of Biosis Healing have been covered by patents in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan, District Mayor Liu Xueliang pointed out that the patent layout and intellectual property rights are the intangible assets of the company. It's particularly important for medical device enterprises that take innovation and research and development as the cornerstone. The overseas layout of patents is of great significance for China to build a world-class intellectual property highland, firmly grasp the initiative and discourse power of innovation, and for domestic brands to go global. It should be operated and managed at the height of corporate strategy.

Then, District Mayor Liu Xueliang and other officials visited Biosis Healing laboratory, and Dr. Wei gave a detailed introduction. District Mayor Liu Xueliang fully affirmed the company's achievements in scientific research investment and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

At the forum, Chairman Zhao Bo introduced the company's overall product layout and future development plan to the officials. After 10 years of development, under the support of the policies of the state, Beijing Municipal Government, Daxing District Government and other governments at all levels, Biosis Healing has now launched more than 20 products. In 2022, Biosis Healing's SIS material products has continued to develop, and the SIS Staple Line Reinforcement has been launched. This is the first anastomotic reinforcement and repair product in China, which solves the biggest clinical pain point in digestive tract surgery-the problems of bleeding and anastomotic leakage. The launch of Oral Matrix has brought a brand-new domestic solution to the field of prosthodontics dominated by foreign brands, subverting the status quo of the industry, and further reducing the cost of treatment for patients.

After listening to the product introduction, District Mayor Liu Xueliang said that there are many innovative medical device enterprises like Biosis Healing in the China Bio-medicine Park, focusing on solving the health problems that are most concerned by people. We should make good use of the new media publicity platform, do a good job of popular science, promote the high-tech products of these enterprises in a language that the common people can understand. Coordinated development of industry, university, research and medicine, is the fundamental path of the development of medical device enterprises, it can help enterprises to achieve industrial breakthrough faster. The enterprise has a postdoctoral research workstation, which is a big advantage. With the help of Daxing District academician expert lecture hall, forum, university resources, we can build an academic research and promotion platform for enterprises. We also need to build a communication platform between pharmaceutical enterprises and medical institutions, do a good job of accurate connection work for these enterprises. We should comprehensively understand the actual needs of enterprises, provide professional, efficient, effective assistance and support.

Subsequently, Cai Xiaojun, Deputy Mayor of Daxing District, pointed out in his speech that Daxing District will serve as a strong backing for the development of enterprises, to provide financial support, product recommendation, resource docking, publicity and promotion, talent attraction and other precise services, and strive to create a good environment for the development of enterprises, firm confidence in the development of enterprises, and escort the development of enterprises.

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