The latest research results of Biosis Healing medical hydrogel platform included in Materials & Design


   We always believe that innovation rooted in clinical practice is meaningful and vital force.

   Rooted in clinical practice, serving clinical practice and solving clinical pain points and difficulties are the original aspiration that Biosis Healing has always adhered to.

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Due to pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and pancreatic trauma. Partial pancreatectomy is often needed in clinical practice. Postoperative pancreatic leakage is a high risk and is an important cause of death and the occurrence serious complications such as bleeding and infection. Pancreatic leakage has always been a pain point and difficult problem in clinical treatment. Commercial tissue binders cannot meet the requirements of pancreatic fluid plugging due to their weak viscosity, potential toxicity, and non-degradable limitations. There have been few reports of pancreatic fluid-blocking binders due to complex factors such as amylase microenvironment, dynamic mechanics, and susceptibility to secondary infections.

Based on the clinical pain points and difficulties, Biosis Healing together with Second Hospital of Air Force Medical University (Tang Du Hospital) general surgery expert team, based on the FDA approved polyethylene glycol prepared a fast, high viscosity, antibacterial, biodegradable and injectable biological binder, in the initial animal model experiment has achieved good results.


Recently, the latest research results, "Tetra-armed PEG-based rapid high-adhesion, antibacterial and biodegradable pre-clinical bioadhesives for preventing pancreas leakage" was included in the SCI TOP journal "Materials & Design" in the field of materials, impact factor was 9.417.

This study was completed by Professor He Xianli, Professor Bao Guoqiang, attending physician Yang Zhenyu and attending physician Zhou Shuai of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University (Tangdu Hospital), together with Professor Zhao Bo, Deputy chief physician Yu Xueqiao and Dr. Wei Pengfei from Biosis Healing.


In this study, the investigators have designed a fast, highly adhesive, antibacterial, biodegradable tissue binder with high commercial potential, based on the FDA-approved polyethylene glycol. The tissue binder can gel quickly (<5 seconds), is easy to operate, and adheres firmly to the tissue (~30kPa).


In addition, the binder has strong antibacterial properties, more than 95% against S.aureus and E.coli, and the binder has good histocompatibility with fibroblasts.

More importantly, in the in vitro experiments simulating pancreatic fluid, the commercial binder in the control group showed a loss of adhesion force soon after immersion in the pancreatic fluid due to the influence of enzymes and humidity. By contrast, the biobinder with the Biosis Healing patented formula shows a constant and tough adhesion force.4.jpg

This study is the first to use the Bama small pig to establish a partial pancreatic resection model before realizing the clinical transformation of the product. In the closure experiment of this model, the occlusion of pancreatic fluid leakage at the pancreatic stump was effectively achieved by combining biobinders with sutures, and the combination treatment promoted collagen maturation and tissue regeneration. The results confirmed that the results of sealing the pancreas stump by binder alone was better than those of the suture alone, which could effectively prevent pancreatic fluid leakage on the first day after surgery. Further histological staining by pancreas stump suggests that the use of binders favors collagen maturation and tissue remodeling.

The investigators believe that this biodegradable binder is not only promising in pancreatic stump occlusion, but also promising in other biomedical fields such as hemostasis, cerebrospinal fluid sealing and wound closure.

Introduction of author

He Xianli

Director of General Surgery, Chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University (Tangdu Hospital)

Member of Colorectal Surgery Group, Surgery Society of Chinese Medical Association

Member of the General Surgery Committee of the PLA

Member of the standing committee of Digestive Tract Oncology of Chinese Research Hospital Association

Member of Colorectal Cancer specialized Committee, and deputy chairman of the Laparoscopy Committee (Student Group), Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Member of the Upper Digestive Tract Physician Committee, Surgeons Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Member of Laparoscopic Physician Committee, Endoscopy Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Member of the Standing Committee of the peritoneal tumor Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association

President of Gastrointestinal Surgeons Branch of Shaanxi Medical Association

Zhao Bo

Biosis Healing founder, Current Chairman, CEO, R&D Director, doctor of surgery

Professor-level senior engineer, associate chief physician, graduate supervisor, postdoctoral supervisor

As the main completion and project leader, he has undertaken and completed four projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and many scientific research projects.

Bao Guoqiang

Doctor of Medicine, Associate chief physician, associate professor, postgraduate tutor

Deputy Director of General Surgery, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University (head of biliary, pancreatic, glandular, vascular section)

Vice Chairman of Youth Committee of Tumor Markers Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association

Chairman of Thyroid Disease Standing Committee of Shaanxi Health Association

Vice Chairman of Breast Cancer Standing Committee of Shaanxi Anti-Cancer Association

Vice Chairman of Thyroid Cancer Committee of Shaanxi Anti-Cancer Association

Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of Tumor Specimen Bank of Shaanxi Anti-cancer Association

Vice Chairman of Tumor MDT Standing Committee of Shaanxi Health Association

Leader of Tumor MDT Breast Cancer Science Group of Shaanxi Health Association

Member of the Cancer Markers Committee of Shaanxi Anti-cancer Association

Member of Surgical Committee of Shaanxi Medical Association

Member of Pediatric Surgery Committee of Shaanxi Medical Association

Member of Colorectal Cancer Standing Committee of Shaanxi Anti-cancer Association

Member of Colorectal Committee of the PLA

Yu Xueqiao

Biosis Healing CMO, doctor of surgery, associate chief physician, engaged in clinical practice of gastrointestinal surgery for more than 10 years

Participated in and completed three projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, presided over one of the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province and one of the scientific research projects of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission, and published more than 20 papers in professional journals at home and abroad as the first author or corresponding author.

Yang Zhenyu

Attending physician of Department of General Surgery (Biliary pancreaticogastric Surgery), the Second Affiliated Hospital of Air Force Medical University

Engaged in clinical diagnosis and treatment and basic research of diseases related to liver, bile, pancreas and stomach for a long time. Published 5 SCI papers as the first author , 10 Chinese core journal papers. Presided over a talent fund project of Tangdu Hospital, obtained 4 utility model patents

The first batch of standardized training trainees for general surgery specialists in China

Member of Tumor multidisciplinary Collaborative Diagnosis and Treatment Professional Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Health Society

Member of Liver Disease Prevention Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Health Association

Journal of Chinese General Surgery, the seventh Young and middle-aged editorial board

Won the first prize of the fourth National Speech Contest for Young and Middle-aged Doctors in Hepatobiliary Surgery

Won the title of elegant debater in the national semifinals of the debate competition of the Match between Liver and Heart

Silver Award in the first Valued Case Speech Contest of Tangdu Hospital

Wei Pengfei

Beijing Biosis Healing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Post-doctoral

Doctor of Biomedical Materials, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Supported by the 68th batch of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

2020 Annual Postdoctoral International Exchange Program Academic Exchange Project

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