No. 42600


At 9:58 on December 14th, the biology workshop Biosis Healing.

Co-founder/ CEO Zhang Jinhui, COO Wang Huasheng, CTO Lun Xinyi, and our colleagues in the biology workshop together, we all held our breath and looked forward to the arrival of an important moment together.

When the last batch of VIDASIS® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement in 2022 were delivered to the production line and delivered by Mr.Wang to Mr.Zhang, the scene broke into warm applause and cheers.

Figure: The last batch of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement delivered to the production line and delivered by Mr.Wang to Mr.Zhang.

Since VIDASIS® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement was obtained the certification in early August and officially put into production in October, the number of 42600 has been very impressive in the Production and Operation center.

Because 42600, is the company in the fourth quarter for SIS Staple Line Reinforcement products of the production target.

The official offline of number 42600 has become the common goal and expectation of all colleagues in the company for more than two months.

Figure: Group photo between Mr. Zhang and the staff representatives of the Production and Operation center

With the launch of VIDASIS® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement, excellent product quality and clinical application feedback, quickly opened the market visibility, since the fourth quarter, the order volume has increased sharply.

In order to drum up everyone's energy and deliver the production task as scheduled, Fei Fulei, director of the production department, came up with some slogans and posted the slogans in the office area and production area to encourage everyone not to relax.

During the most severe period of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing in November, the Epidemic Prevention Office and Human Resources Management Department of the company strictly implemented the epidemic prevention regulations of governments at all levels, actively responded to the call of the Daxing Bio-medicine Industry Base, strictly implemented the "closed-loop management mode", and actively provided logistics and administrative support. In order to ensure the task delivery, colleagues in the Production and Operation Center spontaneously accept the arrangement of the company, and the company provides unified accommodation, so as to achieve "two points and one line" in the park, and guarantee the company's product delivery plan on the premise of protecting personal safety.

In order to ensure the dual development of product quality and delivery speed, the Quality Department and the Human Resource Management Department have formulated the staff skill evaluation form, requiring all production staff to strictly follow the current process implementation process to ensure that all operations meet the requirements of process specifications, standards and methods. In order to effectively urge employees' skills improvement, the Human Resource Management Department regularly evaluates, scores and rates the skills, ensuring the skill level of employees and salary, and ensuring the schedule, quality and quantity delivery of product plan.

Figure: Working scenarios of Biology Workshop staff

Figure: Staff of Quality Department and Human Resource Management department scoring on-site

Figure: working scenarios of Outside Package workshop staff

Figure: Part of packaged finished products of VIDASIS® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement

Figure: The warehouse keeper is counting the shipments

In the Biology Workshop, Mr.Zhang said: " The production plan of 42,600 sets of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement was delivered on schedule, creating a miracle in the special period. According to the previous production experience, new products often need half a year, or even longer preparation time. However, with the strong cooperation of all departments of the company, the conversion of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement was completed with all the preparation work of the conversion in only 2 months.

I know that during this period, everyone worked very hard. In order to ensure production and delivery, most of my colleagues have directly living in the company dormitory, and most of them have not returned home since the National Day. It is because of the spirit that we can accomplish this arduous task.

On behalf of the company, I want to thank you all. Although you are not in the spotlight stage, but you are the solid backing of Biosis Healing, behind-the-scenes heroes, you are amazing!"

COO Wang Huasheng, said in his speech: "The reason why the Production and Operation Center is able to complete this difficult task is because everyone has a strong faith. Every colleague has the concept of the overall situation and the team concept in mind. The goal of the company is our personal goal. Individuals unconditionally obey the decisions of the company without reasons and difficulties.

Under the guidance of the common goal, the company departments work together, in the whole process of production, we met a lot of practical difficulties, but we took out courage and energy, trying to solve problems, overcome difficulties, to achieve today's achievements.

Here, on behalf of the Production and Operation Center, I also said to the company that the Production and Operation Center will continue to complete the tasks delivered by the company, do a good job in the company's product delivery and logistics support, and help the company develop faster and better."

Finally, the 42,600 sets of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement will be sent to major hospitals across the country after the sterilization process is completed and passes the inspection. All Biosis Healing people also sincerely hope that the number 42,600 and others together to quickly reach the patients who need them, help more patients recover, complete them and our mission, this is our common expectation!

Biosis Healing the Production and Operation Center, has begun to get ready to go to the next "battlefield".

Finally, pay tribute to all the silent dedication of Biosis Healing people!

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