Biosis Healing Neurosurgery Sales Division officially established, aiming at Neurosurgery subdivision track


July 7, 2022, on the day of Minor Heat, Biosis Healing held an exciting and enthusiastic founding congress of Neurosurgery Sales Division officially, aiming at Neurosurgery sub-field track with huge potential.

Chairman Zhao Bo, Chief Marketing Officer Li Xuejun, and Senior Vice President Zhang Jinhui of Biosis Healing attended the conference. Lun Xinyi, vice president of human resources, served as the host of the meeting and introduced the organizational structure of Neurosurgery Sales Division. All members of the Neurosurgery Sales Division appeared online/offline. The heads of R&D center, Production Operation center, Marketing center and other front-end and back-end links supported department attended the meeting.


Chairman Mr. Zhao pointed out in his speech: "The field of Dura Repair Mesh product is a very promising neurosurgery subdivision track. Statistics from the National Health and Family Planning Commission show that it is expected that the domestic craniotomy volume will reach 930,000 in 2022, and the market size of Dura Repair Mesh will reach 1.07 billion yuan, with broad prospects for clinical application.

We are also very lucky, because we started to lay out this track in 2015, and already got the admission ticket to this track last year- Dura Repair Mesh product obtained a registration certificate and listed on the market, which is also the first domestic Dura Repair Mesh product of non-crosslinked SIS material.

After a year of clinical application, we have also received a lot of praise from clinicians and patients, which brings us great confidence. This also shows that our products have great competitiveness compared with competing products in terms of material properties, clinical application effects and cost performance.

In addition, R&D innovation is our advantage. We are also constantly oriented by clinical needs, giving full play to the advantages of multi-technology platforms, constantly developing new products, improving the product layout in neurosurgery, and constantly tempering and laying the foundation of dominance and position of the track for Biosis Healing in this field.

Today, we officially establish the Neurosurgery Sales Division. We take this opportunity to express our determination and confidence to enter this track to the industry. At the same time, all the colleagues who have newly joined Biosis Healing are all experts in this field. I hope that with your help, the company will has a blowout development in the neurosurgery field. "


Chief Marketing Officer Li Xuejun pointed out in his speech: "This year is the tenth year since the establishment of the company. When we established the Oral Cavity Sales Division last month, I said, we had arrived at the time to develop from extensive to refined management. The establishments of the Oral Sales Division and Neurosurgery Sales Division are the inevitable result of refined management. Because we now have this ability and this strength to do so.

After the Dura Repair Mesh obtained the registration certificate in 2021, it has been more than a year for us to wait for the market feedback, and it is also the time for us to plan in neurosurgery field. Of course, through more than a year of hard work, we have good harvest. Dura Repair Mesh products have entered more than 120 hospitals. This number is very gratifying, but it is far from enough. We still have a long way to go from "doing more, bigger and stronger".

Today, after careful consideration, we decided to started. neurosurgery market is a promising market. The active implantable medical devices industry in the neurosurgery field started late in China , because the technical threshold is relatively high and there are relatively few competitors. In recent years, the state has also issued a series of policies to encourage the development of the domestic medical device industry, such as the optimization of the approval system, entry into the national support catalog, domestic substitution, and centralized procurement policies, all of which have given us great opportunities.

Domestic substitution is the general trend, and the company will also provide strong support for everyone. I hope that with the cooperation of all colleagues, we can break out a path belonging to Biosis Healing on neurosurgery  subdivision track as soon as possible. "


Co-founder and Senior Vice President Zhang Jinhui delivered a speech. Mr. Zhang said: "Diversification and subdivision development are an inevitable trend for the healthy development of enterprises. With the gradual increase of our product line, we are also changing with time and the trend. The rapid development of the company in recent years is obvious to all. In the past, we only had the major surgery division in the past, but now the major surgery division, Oral Sales Division and Neurosurgery Sales Division are all in line, which is the inevitable result of the sound development of the company.

The multi-track development layout will also continue to enhance our competitiveness in different segments of the market. Moreover, many of our teams in different tracks can also share the experience of success and failure, and the advantages accumulated in different products can also be integrated and learned from each other, and finally achieve synergy and jointly enhance the company's competitiveness.

Of course, I have also been emphasizing that there will be many difficulties in the process from the beginning of the establishment of the business unit to the right track. I hope everyone can be prepared to face the difficulties head-on and face them without fear of challenges. Finally, I wish Neurosurgery Sales Division sweep away all obstacles. "


Wei Pengfei, director of Technical Research Department; Zhao Baogang, National Sales Director for Neurosurgery Products; Wang Lei, Marketing VP; Hu Jinjun, Business VP spoke in turn.

Zhao Baogang, National Sales Director for Neurosurgery Products, made an outlook on the future of the neurosurgery business. He said: I believe that through the cooperation of various departments of the company, through professional promotion method, the development of Biosis Healing in the neurosurgery field will definitely make another splendid achievement!



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