Multi-product layout丨Biosis Healing 4 major business divisions fight together on the segment track


On September 21st, the inaugural meeting of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division & Hernia Surgery Sales Division was held, and the establishment of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division and Hernia Surgery Sales Division was officially announced. So far, Biosis Healing Oral Cavity, Neurosurgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Hernia Surgery four subdivision formally established. Multiple product layout, four subdivision fight together on the segment track.

Chairman Zhao Bo, Chief Marketing Officer Li Xuejun, Co-founder Zhang Jinhui, Chief Talent Officer Lun Xinyi of Biosis Healing attended the conference, and make important speeches. Huo Xinxin, the manager of the Human Resource Management Department, served as the host of the conference. All the members of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division, Hernia Surgery Sales Division, and the heads of all the departments of the Marketing Center attended the conference online and offline.

Multiple track products, Diversified layout

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Zhao Bo introduced the current product pipeline layout.

As of September 2022, Biosis Healing has 8 Class III products and 21 Class II products on the market. Different from other medical device enterprises with a single department and a single product pipeline, the products of Biosis Healing cover a wide range of fields, with the listed products covering more than ten departments in many fields, including neurosurgery, stomatology, thoracic surgery, abdominal wall surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and so on.

With the implementation of the favorable policy of centralized purchasing and domestic substitution, the launch of two popular products of Oral Matrix and SIS Staple Line Reinforcement this year, as well as the recently released three-year exemption of DRG, the volume of business of Biosis Healing has increased geometrically. Our sales business line need toward a more refined, professional direction of development, diversified sales layout is imperative.

The adjustment of the new sales structure relies on the company's rich product pipeline as the foundation. We also fully believes in the business ability of sales colleagues, to provide you with a good platform and an open promotion mechanism. I hope that on the basis of a good platform and good products, you can play the maximum energy, speak of the performance, and create greater brilliance under the new sales structure.

Opportunity is Challenge

"Top-level design" for the strategic landing escort

Then, CMO Li Xuejun officially announced that the Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division & Hernia Surgery Sales Division was held. Mr. Li pointed out, it is the first three months from the establishment of Oral Cavity sales Division on June 21 to September 21. In three months, we have sorted out and completed the top-level design and planning of the sales business structure. We have invited many qualified and experienced industry giants to join us. At the same time, many outstanding front-line sales have been improved, becoming the national leaders and regional leaders of each business line. The adjustment of the sales structure is from the top-level design level, to tell everyone that the company will spare no effort to escort the strategy of the top-level design at any cost.

Of course, the opportunity is challenge, the moment to test whether you have the real ability. At present, each product line in terms of market access to promote work progress rapidly, after the establishment of the new organizational structure, we will fix the unclear product line division and insufficient personnel, complete the layout of each product line in the country, cover all the white market.

Focus on subdivision track layout to, Achieve leapfrog growth of business performance

CTO Lun Xinyi introduced the organizational structure and personnel arrangement of Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division and Hernia Surgery Sales Division.

Ms.Lun said in her speech that with the continuous listing of the company's products, in order to adapt to the long-term strategic development of the company under the market form, further deepen the market, according to different product lines, strengthen professional support, improve the company's business performance, specially formulated the specific organizational structure and personnel division.

This adjustment highlights the characteristics of the company's 3.0 development stage, and the refined internal division also represents our confidence in Biosis Healing's various product lines. Since then, Oral Cavity, Neurosurgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Hernia Surgery Sales Division have been driving together on subdivision track.

Build an elite sales team, Win a new battle

Co-founder, Senior Vice President Zhang Jinhui pointed out in his speech, we have officially completed the organizational structure adjustment work of the four sales divisions, and we have since then started a new journey.

In the coming days, we will continue to strengthen the functions of each subdivision, establish a more effective assessment and incentive mechanism, Fully integrate the company's resources, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of every sales colleague, stimulate the lasting combat effectiveness of the sales team, carefully build an elite sales team, drive every member of the team to grow together, achieve the established successful and efficient goals, and achieve a win-win situation between the company and the individual.

New beginning, new journey, I hope you sales colleagues make persistent efforts, win the new battle!

Finally, the regional heads of Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division and Hernia Surgery Sales Division spoke one by one. Liu Yingbing, sales director of Hernia Surgery Sales Division, said that under the leadership of the company leaders, we will work closely together and deeply cultivate the market to achieve the company's set sales goals. Let our good products serve more patients, let their postoperative quality of life is higher.

Guo Zihao, sales director of East China District of Minimally Invasive Surgery Sales Division, said that this year is the sixth year since I came to the company. From an ordinary sales position to today, I have witnessed the rapid development of the company and honed myself in this process. Thanks to the company for entrusted its important responsibilities, new challenges and new opportunities, clear goals, and forge ahead, I will lead the team to live up to the mission of the company and successfully complete the delivery.

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