The first phase of the 2023 animal experiment product experience meeting of Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement successfully concluded


On February 25th, under the leadership of Professor Hu Sanyuan, a famous expert in the field of global minimally invasive surgery, one of the founders of minimally invasive surgery, professor of Qilu hospital of Shandong university, and more than 20 experts and professors, young talents from 18 hospitals, as Qilu hospital, Qianfoshan hospital, Shandong second people's hospital, Jinan Municipal People's Hospital came to Biosis Healing. The animal experiment product experience meeting of Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement and the seminar as a theme of the future has come--Serialized solution for surgical low pressure leakage was held.


In the seminar, through using the products, the participants explored the feasibility of the Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement using as serialized solution for surgical low pressure leakage. In order to solve the pain problem of low pressure leakage, and jointly help the development of the field of minimally invasive surgery in China.



At the beginning of the seminar, co-founder & Executive President Li Xuejun said in his speech, "We are very honored to invite Professor Hu Sanyuan, a leading expert in the field of minimally invasive surgery in China, and all experts and elite representatives in the field of minimally invasive surgery in Shandong, to visit Biosis Healing for guidance. I have worked as a surgeon for many years and have a deep affection for the surgical field. Later, I have been committed to providing more advanced and convenient product solutions for the surgical field. Since its establishment ten years ago, Biosis Healing has been committed to the research and development and industrialization of biomedical materials. Today, I also want to report our R&D results through this opportunity, and I hope to be criticized and corrected by Professor Hu and experts.


Later, Professor Hu said, "Since the first endoscopic operation in 1992, the development of endoscopic surgery in China has gone through a full 30 years. In the past 30 years, the development of the endoscopic industry has benefited from the progress of science and technology, and also benefited from the efforts of the R & D medical device enterprises like Biosis Healing.

We are very happy to see the vigorous development of endoscopy in China, but we should see the shortcomings, and there are still many problems that have not been properly solved. For example, the problem of low-pressure leakage in surgery is the biggest problem for surgeons. As long as there is bleeding and leakage, the patient's recovery will be greatly reduced.


Biosis Healing SIS Staple Line Reinforcement is the first domestic product to provide solutions for the occurrence of bleeding and leakage in surgery, which is a very good start. We also hope that through today's workshop, we can actually verify the clinical feasibility of the new product and benefit the patients.”


Subsequently, Wang Lei, vice President of Marketing in Biosis Healing, introduced the SIS bio-materials platform with independent intellectual property rights and the Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement products in detail, and demonstrated the product application process on the spot. Wei Pengfei, director of technical research department, made the “development and industrialization of Biosis Healing absorbable medical adhesive and self-adhesive biological graft report”.


After listening to the introduction of two products, the experts had a heated discussion on the SIS Staple Line Reinforcement and absorbable medical glue , agreed as a series of surgical leakage of low pressure solutions, and expressed heartfelt appreciation on Biosis Healing prospective and pioneering research in the field of surgical repair.



On the morning of February 26th, Professor Hu Sanyuan and the team of experts came to Biosis Healing Excellent Surgical Training Base to simulate the whole process of operation on the experimental pig.


Biosis Healing Excellent Surgery Training Base is established by Biosis Healing in cooperation with Beijing Tonghe Litai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It is located in Zhongguancun Medical Device Park, Daxing Biomedical Industry Base. It has 2000 barrier-level and 5000general-level experimental animal room. 1,800 disease animal models could be accommodated, and a series of processes of feeding, anesthesia, and postoperative recovery management can be performed in the centers. It has 20 surgical laboratory tables for performing various laparoscopic and open surgery. MRI room, interventional catheterization room, CT room, X-ray imaging room, PCT/CT, and OCT room equiped with multiple sets of instruments of molecular immunology, molecular biology, molecular pathology and cell biology for performing comprehensive preoperative and postoperative examination. It also has the experimental animal license, the experimental animal use license and other complete qualifications to carry out animal surgery.


In surgical field stage, the expert team is divided into six groups, respectively, the sleeve gastrectomy, distal gastric resection, colectomy end side anastomosis, and in the sleeve gastrectomy, the use of graft and no graft contrast operation, to actually verify the SIS Staple Line Reinforcement the real application effect in digestive tract surgery.


Through the practical operation, all the experts have come to the following conclusions:

1. The overall packaging design of the SIS Staple Line Reinforcement is very ingenious. The steps and operation drawings are simple and clear, and the assembly of the product can be easily completed under the drawings.

2. Good compliance, smooth through the 12mm trocar, without pressure.

3. The stapler loaded with graft has no obvious resistance increase when clamping the tissue.

4. The operation of removing the backing through the way of pulling the line, which is simple and convenient, and the backing is easy to be pulled down.

5. There is no significant increase in the resistance of the stapler loaded with the graft when pressing the tissue. The titanium staples are perfectly formed B shape, without bleeding and oozing of the blood in the anastomotic margin and nail hole.

6. In the comparison operation, there was no significant bleeding or oozing of the blood in the anastomotic margin, and the anastomotic margin without the graft oozing of blood obviously. The use of graft reduces the amount of bleeding and oozing of blood, and saves the time of hemostasis operation.

7. During the lateral jejunal anastomosis, it is recommended to add medical lubricant to the graft backing to increase the fluency of the stapler when it enters the jejunum.


In the postoperative questionnaire, 100% experts believe that the use of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement can be effective in reducing bleeding problems in digestive tract surgery. 94.1% experts believe that the use of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement can reduce the incidence of complications such as anastomotic leakage. 94.1% experts were satisfied with the overall arrangement of the conference and hoped to continue to participate in the same type of exchange meeting.


After the seminar, all the experts obtained the certificate of completion issued by Biosis Heaing Excellent Surgical Training Base, and the outstanding students obtained the credits of continuing education of China Research Hospital Association.


So far, The animal experiment product experience meeting of Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement and the seminar as a theme of the future has come--Serialized solution for surgical low pressure leakage was successfully concluded.


The next meeting will be held soon, please stay tuned!

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