The first phase of the 2023 animal experiment product seminar of 博瑞金® Oral Matrix successfully concluded



Since April 2022, it has been nearly a year, after 博瑞金® Oral Matrix achieved the certification.

In this year, Biosis Healing made a steady progress, refined the product quality and enabled team growth, promoted the marketing network layout and intensive clinical training for doctors. The market awareness of 博瑞金® Oral Matrix has been greatly improved.


On February 26th, more than 10 experts and professors attended the 2023 animal experiment product seminar of 博瑞金® Oral Matrix, as professor Wang Xiaoyan, professor Liang Yuhong, professor Guo Yuxing, professor Liu Guojing, professor Qi Wei, professor Yu Jingting from Peking University School of Stomatology, and professor Liu Yanbin, professor Wang Xin from Beijing Stomatological Hospital & School of Stomatology Capital Medical University.


In the seminar, through the in-depth product experience exchange of 博瑞金® China-fashion SIS membrane and Biosis Healing bone filling material, experts jointly discussed the broader application prospect of 博瑞金® Oral Matrix and Biosis Healing bone filling material in the oral clinical field.




At the beginning of the seminar, co-founder & Executive President Li Xuejun said in his speech, "We are very honored to invite Professor to visit Biosis Healing for guidance. Biosis Healing has just stepped into the oral field. We are very eager to hear more feedback and guidance from the clinical front line, so that we can better innovate and improve the product, and create more value for clinical treatment.


Oral diseases accompany the whole life cycle of people, and people of all ages in China have the need for medical treatment. Experts here are senior practitioners of oral disciplines, hope we can discuss from the perspective of various disciplines to explore Biosis Healing biomedical materials the possibility of more application in the field of oral cavity, looking forward to under the guidance of experts, Biosis Healing research can bring major breakthrough for oral treatment.



Then, senior project director Dr. Jing Wei of technology research department,  introduced the listed products and in research product series in the field of oral cavity, a series of research based on SIS material platform, and through the published papers one by one, to show experts our application research progress in the field of oral cavity. Finally, Dr. Jing introduced the comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of 博瑞金® Oral Matrix and other competing products on the market.



All the experts had a heated discussion on the SIS material platform products, and agreed that according to the biological properties of the materials, it will have a broad application prospect in the field of oral cavity.


After listening to Dr. Jing's introduction, professor Guo Yuxing of Peking University School of Stomatology said : " I have used the 博瑞金® Oral Matrix for many times in clinical practice, and the experience is very good. The membrane is very thin, with excellent flexible fit and hydrophilicity, can be better fit in the defect area, easy for surgical operation. Barrier time can meet the clinical implant needs, cost-effective, is a very good choice for both doctors and patients.


In addition, the SIS Material Talent Show courses that Biosis Healing has been doing is also very good. I am also very happy to share some of my experience in clinical surgery with friends in the field of oral cavity through the platform of Talent Show, so that we can learn from each other and grow together. I believe that more and more dental practitioners can benefit from the Talent Show platform."



In the afternoon, experts came to Biosis Healing Excellent Surgical Training Base to  simulated the whole process of tooth extraction, immediate implantation, site preservation and oral soft tissue repair in the mouth of experimental pigs.


Biosis Healing Excellent Surgery Training Base is established by Biosis Healing in cooperation with Beijing Tonghe Litai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It is located in Zhongguancun Medical Device Park, Daxing Biomedical Industry Base. It has 2000m2 barrier-level and 5000m2 general-level experimental animal room. 1,800 disease animal models could be accommodated, and a series of processes of feeding, anesthesia, and postoperative recovery management can be performed in the centers. It has 20 surgical laboratory tables for performing various laparoscopic and open surgery. MRI room, interventional catheterization room, CT room, X-ray imaging room, PCT/CT, and OCT room equiped with multiple sets of instruments of molecular immunology, molecular biology, molecular pathology and cell biology for performing comprehensive preoperative and postoperative examination. It also has the experimental animal license, the experimental animal use license and other complete qualifications to carry out animal surgery.



So far, the 2023 animal experiment product seminar of 博瑞金® Oral Matrix successfully concluded was successfully concluded.


The next meeting will be held soon, please stay tuned!

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