The third phase of the 2023 animal experiment product experience meeting of Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement successfully concluded


On March 25th, under the leadership of Professor Zhu Xinguo, from the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, about 20 experts and professors from 11 hospitals of Soochow province came to Biosis Healing. The animal experiment product experience meeting of Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement and the seminar as a theme of the future has come--Serialized solution for surgical low pressure leakage was held. At the same time, this is also the third theme seminar trip after the Shandong surgical expert delegation and the Shanghai surgical expert delegation came to Biosis Healing.


 At the beginning of the seminar, vice president of marketing Wang Lei said in his speech, "We are very honored to invite Professor Zhu Xinguo, and all experts from Soochow province to visit Biosis Healing for guidance.


Low-pressure leakage in surgery has always been a difficult problem for surgeons. Biosis Healing provides clinical service. In view of this pain point, we took 6 years to launch the first product of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement in China and went on the market in August last year.


It is a domestic exclusive product, no mature experience can be used for reference. Although there are similar products on the market abroad, it is still a blank area in China, which is an opportunity and a challenge. Biosis Healing is willing to work with experts and professors to find more clinical evidence-based medical evidence and embark on a road of exploration and research together, so that more patients can benefit. At the same time, it also hopes to send the strongest voice from China to the world through joint research with clinicians.”



Subsequently, Professor Zhu Xinguo said in his speech: "Gastrointestinal surgery is one of the highest-risk departments in the hospital, and anastomotic leakage, bleeding and obstruction in clinical surgery are all major hidden dangers that affect the surgical effect and the patient's recovery. I have used the Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement in clinical practice, and the trial effect is very good. We are also pleased to see that there are products for anastomosis reinforcement on the market in China.


Scientific and technological innovation is the core driving force of national development, without which there is no future. The development of medicine is inseparable from the hard work of R&D and innovative enterprises like Biosis Healing. The progress of medicine requires the concerted efforts of industry, academia and medicine. We also hope that through this seminar, we can actually verify the clinical feasibility of SIS Staple Line Reinforcement, provide real feedback from the clinical front-line to enterprises, and promote the iterative upgrading of new products in order to better serve patients. ”



Then, Li Wanlu, product manager of the marketing department of Biosis Healing, gave a detailed introduction on the company and Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement; Wei Pengfei, director of technical research department, made the “development and industrialization of Biosis Healing absorbable medical adhesive and self-adhesive biological graft report”.

After listening to the introduction of two products, the experts had a heated discussion on the SIS Staple Line Reinforcement and absorbable medical glue , agreed as a series of surgical leakage of low pressure solutions, and expressed heartfelt appreciation on Biosis Healing prospective and pioneering research in the field of surgical repair.


The delegation of experts from Jiangsu visited the exhibition hall of Biosis Healing. Zhao Yanrui, Director of Strategic Development Department, introduced the company in detail.



On the morning of February 26th, Professor Hu Sanyuan and the team of experts came to Biosis Healing Excellent Surgical Training Base to simulate the whole process of operation on the experimental pig.


Biosis Healing Excellent Surgery Training Base is established by Biosis Healing in cooperation with Beijing Tonghe Litai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It is located in Zhongguancun Medical Device Park, Daxing Biomedical Industry Base. It has 2000m2 barrier-level and 5000m2 general-level experimental animal room. 1,800 disease animal models could be accommodated, and a series of processes of feeding, anesthesia, and postoperative recovery management can be performed in the centers. It has 20 surgical laboratory tables for performing various laparoscopic and open surgery. MRI room, interventional catheterization room, CT room, X-ray imaging room, PCT/CT, and OCT room equiped with multiple sets of instruments of molecular immunology, molecular biology, molecular pathology and cell biology for performing comprehensive preoperative and postoperative examination. It also has the experimental animal license, the experimental animal use license and other complete qualifications to carry out animal surgery.


In surgical field stage, the expert team is divided into six groups, respectively, the sleeve gastrectomy, distal gastric resection, colectomy end side anastomosis, and in the sleeve gastrectomy, the use of graft and no graft contrast operation, to actually verify the SIS Staple Line Reinforcement the real application effect in digestive tract surgery.


In the postoperative product discussion stage, Professor Zhu Xinguo said: "Through first-hand experience in animal experiments, we believe that SIS Staple Line Reinforcement has excellent performance in stopping bleeding, which is of great help to the safety of surgery. As a domestic innovative product, Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement has a wide range of application scenarios and broad market prospects. ”


At the same time, the National Continuing Medical Education Program was declared by the Medical Animal Experiment Expert Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, and the participating experts were awarded continuing education credits. After the seminar, Biosis Healing Excellent Surgical Training Base also prepared a special training completion certificate for all experts as a souvenir.


So far, the third phase of the 2023 animal experiment product experience meeting of Vidasis® SIS Staple Line Reinforcement and the seminar as a theme of the future has come--Serialized solution for surgical low pressure leakage was successfully concluded.


The next meeting will be held soon, please stay tuned!



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