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    The RJCS-ST series stapler places circular, double staggered rows of titanium staples in the tissue and resect the excess tissue, thus to create a circular anastomosis. The instrument can be activated when the handle is squeezed firmly as far as it can go. There are 6 diameters in common use, 21mm, 24 mm, 26 mm, 29 mm, 32 mm, or 34 mm stapler.


    The RJCS-ST series staplers can be applied throughout the alimentary tract to create end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis.

  • Features

    Tilt Top Anvil : The real 90 degree ,easy removal, minimizing the potential for tissue trauma
    Cutting washer: giving the surgeon a clear feedback of firing
    Quick-release wing nut: Allows faster opening and closing of stapler
    Six diameters and three staple heights for choose
    Purse-string notch on anvil Provides maximum security when tying a purse-string suture.


1,  Disposable Circular Stapler RJCS-K series 

    RJCS-K21         RJCS-K24           RJCS-K29

    RJCS-K26         RJCS-K32          RJCS-K34

2, Disposable Circular Stapler With Tilt Top RJCS-ST series 

     RJCS-ST23           RJCS-ST26         RJCS-ST29 

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