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  • NEW Disposable Circumcision Stapler and Staplers

    The BDCS-B series circumcision stapler places one row of titanium staples in the tissue and resects the excess tissue, thus creating a circular anastomosis. The RJCS-ST series stapler is available in 6 stapler diameters for common use which are 12mm,16mm, 22mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm.


    The BIOSIS HEALING RJPPH-B series Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler and accessories have application throughout the anal canal to perform surgical treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.

  • Features

    1.Large window for better observation of surgical foreskin, and efficient protection of frenulum
    2.Inside structure is align with mechanical structure of traditional stapler (standard structure)
    3.Slanted staplers arrangements for better bleeding stop (prevention of hematoma)
    4.Central spline locator to ensure more precise stapling and cutting
    5.Green indicator for safe firing


We have two types of Disposable Circumcision Stapler ,each one has different models 

Type A 

BDCS-A-12      BDCS-A-16    BDCS-A-22      BDCS-A-26       BDCS-A-30      BDCS-A-36 

Type B (New one with two large windows) 

BDCS-B-18      BDCS-B-22     BDCS-B-30 

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