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  • Ligating clips

    Suitable for ligation and closure of blood vessels and body cavity tissue .


    General Surgery ThoracicSurgery Urology Gynecology & Obstetrics

  • Product advantages

    1、Safety Locking 360° omnibearing ligation, secure closure clear tactile feedback, conveys safety message
    2、Anti-slip design Arc anti-slip surface, better fit with the blood vessel interface Integrated anti-skid teeth, effectively prevent slippage
    3、Elastic connection According to the clamping force, adjust the clip elasticity If the ligation fails due to thick clamping tissue, clips will clearly open up
    4、Arc-shaped Design Arc-shaped design, larger ligation range due to the extended surface Clamping tissue evenly stressed without cutting effect
    5、Bosses Precisely install the clips, not easy to fall off Convenient to enter and exit trocar, accurately guide the ligation


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