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  • Disposable Laparoscope Trocar

    The RJQK series Disposable laparoscope trocar is a pen-shaped instrument with a sharp triangular point at one end, typically used inside a hollow tube, known as a cannula or sleeve, to create an opening into the body through which the sleeve may be introduced, to provide an access port during surgery. it is available in 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm four diameters, several different packages are also provided


    The RJTC series Disposable laparoscope trocar is used to puncture human abdominal wall and set up the abdominal working channel during laparoscopy and surgery

  • Features

    1.Non-metal I-shaped puncture cone for direct use, less tissue trauma
    2. Blade-free design for full protection of organs,less damage to abdominal wall
    3. Transparent puncture cannula providing clear observation
    4. A blunt anti-slip thread on the external cannula causes little tissue trauma and easy to be fixed
    5. Removable seal for easy removal of specimen


We have different types of diameters for you choose ,also with the several package set 

RJTC-A5      RJTC-A10    RJTC-A12    RJTC-A15    

RJTC-15      RJTC-AS      RJTC-AS1    RJTC-AS3   RJTC-AS4   RJTC-AS5 


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