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  • Disposable Skin Staplers and Staples

    This skin stapler with wide 35 staplers is popular used for skin suture of wounds and surgical incision after surgical procedures.


    This skin stapler is used for closure of skin in a wide variety of surgical procedures like general surgery, obstetric, gynecologic, orthopedics, urology, thoracic, cardiac and plastic surgery.

  • Features

    1.Simplicity-- Simple design, easy to operate, less suturing time
    2.Small trauma--Small stitched wound ,avoid injury to epidermal tissue again ,more conducive to wound healing, small scar after operation
      3.Rapid healing --Shorten time for operation and decrease the pain for patients , no invasive to subcutaneous tissue
    4. Beauty- uniform suture to avoid “centipede” scar , wound has no “claw”
    5.Safety--sterile, quick suturing speed, hard congestion, high survival rate of micro-skin ,avoid any complications, avoid the cross infection of many contagious diseases.


This skin stapler with wide 35 staplers .

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