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    Medical Pespirator Face Mask

    Product description

    The medical protective masks use high-gram high-end polypropylene melt-blown cloth as the main raw material, combined with non-woven fabrics and hot air cotton to form a four-layer filter system medical protective mask, polypropylene melt-blown cloth through electrostatic adsorption and physical filtration to achieve effective It can filter ultrafine particles, can effectively filter virus particles and aerosols above 0.24 microns, and the filtering efficiency can reach more than 95%, and can block the pressure of blood splashing above 120mmHg.

  • Working principle

    Medical protective masks are divided from inside to outside: hygroscopic layer, core filter layer, primary filter layer, water blocking layer, the outer layer plays a role of isolating blood and body fluid splash, and the middle layer bidirectionally filters non-oily solid particles to prevent viruses, bacteria and Microorganism spread, inner layer is hygroscopic and breathable, keeping comfortable Moderately.

    Typical applications

    Medical protective masks are suitable for the protection of airborne respiratory infections by medical staff and related staff.
    Product specification:Sterile/Non-sterile
    Product number:BH-FEGF-15.5X10.5、BH-FTDF-15.5X10.5


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