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    Medical Surgical Gowns(Standard)-BH600

    Product description

    Open back design, knitted cuff wrists together with waistbands together as one piece structure.

  • Working principle

    It is made of medical non-woven fabric with air permeability, which is soft, comfortable, breathable and non irritating to skin.Ultra sonic seam instead of single/double needle line. It has high barrier to bacteria and liquid, high tensile strength and tear strength.It is not easy to hair and chip.It has good resistance to liquid penetration.

    Typical applications

    It is used to wear on the surgical medical staff to prevent the scurf on the doctor's body from spreading to the open surgical wound and the body fluid of the surgical patient to spread to the medical staff, playing a two-way biological protection role.
    Product specification:Sterile /Non-sterile
    Product number:S-160、M-165、L-170、XL-175、XXL-180、XXXL-185


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