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    Medical Protective Coverall-BH800

    Product description

    High gram-weight composite nonwoven material, precision cutting and sewing. Seams are covered with special heat sealing tape for extra protection. The coating on material can help prevent virus gas sol and virus containing liquid penetration. When taking off, the outer surface of the protective coverall is not in contact with the human body.

  • Working principle

    The coverall is made from a high gram-weight composite nonwoven material, Precision cutting and sewing. Using self adhesive zipper from the front to chin placket protection. Seams are covered with special heat sealing tape for maximize protection. Helps isolate virus and protect against hazardous dusts and liquid, blood splashes.

    Typical applications

    Can be used for medical staffs at ICU, observation ward (room), isolation ward (room) to prevent virus spreading from patients to the medical staffs through air or liquid splashes.
    Product specification:Sterile /Non-sterile
    Product number:S-160、M-165、L-170、XL-175、XXL-180、XXXL-185



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