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    Medical Surgical Mask

    Product description

    Biosis Healing Medical Surgical Mask comform to EN14683 Type IIR/Chinese medical standard of YY 0469-2011. It adopts the classic SMS three-layer structure design. The outer layer is water and moisture resistant, the inner layer is breathable and absorbance, and the middle filter layer provides a physical barrier to prevent the direct transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, particles, etc. .

  • Working principle

    It is composed with masks, shaped pieces and straps, and is gerenerally manufacturde from non-woven fabric materials. It plays a role of isolation through filtration.

    Typical applications

    Medical surgical masks are suitable for basic protection of medical staff and any relavant personnel, as well as protection against the spread of body fluids and splashes during invasive procedures.
    Product specification:Sterile/Non-sterile
    Product number:BH-EG-17.5×9.5、BH-EGf-17.5×9.5、BH-BD-17.5×9.5、BH-BDf-17.5×9.5


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