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    product name:Isolation Gowns-BH100

    Product description

    Using the PE coated PP non-woven fabric as the raw material. Isolation gown has neckband, waistband together with elastic cuff wrist as one piece structure.

  • Working principle

    The main raw material of the isolation gown adopts high-density polyethylene (PE) composite polypropylene (PP) non-woven fabric as the main raw material. The PE on the surface of the material greatly improves the properties of moisture resistance, liquid penetration resistance and microbial penetration resistance. The material also has good antistatic properties to prevent the adsorption of microorganisms and solid particles. At the same time, the material has good breathability, ensuring the comfort of medical staff wearing. The gown can effectively prevent the infiltration of dust particles and bacteria and other harmful substances, and protect the health of medical personnel.

    Typical applications

    It is used for general isolation in outpatient clinics, wards, inspection rooms, etc. of medical institutions.
    Product specification:Sterile /Non-sterile
    Product number:S-160、M-165、L-170、XL-175、XXL-180、XXXL-185


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